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What Happened April 8/9 in Tahrir


The choice to commit to a sit-in was not much of a choice. When the dissenting army officers came to Tahrir, their fates were pretty much sealed, and we knew that if they went home, they would pretty much be dead. So whether or not we ‘wanted’ to spend the night in Tahrir, we pretty much realized we had to. The officers had basically thrust their neck out, and unless we were there with them, we...

The Two Histories of Egypt


In the first book of an Egypt series, John Crowley writes that there is more than one history of the world. That there are times when the universe transitions to another mode of operation, one that changes the rules so much that things that were once possible were now not. There are two histories of Egypt. In one history, the people of Egypt, after having been ruled by an aging tyrant, rose and...

Tahrir: Hearts & Minds


I’m sorry to say this, but some clearly have no clue what’s going on. The facts are these: Nothing has been achieved so far except empty promises from a regime that doesn’t know how to do anything except lie, cheat, and steal. The revolution in Tahrir is the only chance we’ve had in over 59 years to actually change this country and put it on the right track. If, in return, your lives are made a...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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