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Your ‘Secret’ Is Bullshit


The universe does not respond to your ‘energy’ in kind, and I’m incredibly exhausted by people who claim that it does. All these ideas, whether from ‘The Secret’ or taught by self-styled second-hand gurus, are absolute shit and are absolutely dangerous notions, mostly used to make entitled people feel they ‘deserve’ their good fortunes and don’t need to feel responsible for the less...



Spinoza saw… that if a falling stone could reason, it would think, “I want to fall at the rate of thirty-two feet per second.”The Android and the Human (1972), PKD



It’s the height of intellectual laziness to accuse any man who has anything to say about women or gender relations of ‘mansplaining’. It’s not clever. It betrays a complete inability to actually tackle or reply to whatever arguments are being made. It is, if you haven’t noticed, a form of ad hominem attack, the cheapest rhetorical device on the planet, where rather...

The Wisdom of The Body


You are your body, and it is you. Your body is not something you (as a fairy tale disembodied spirit) inhabit; it is you. We are our bodies, and claims to the contrary serve religious zealots and all other people who want us to tolerate injustice and suffering in this life, as though there’s another life to live later in which all things will be made right. The other proponents of this myth...

Children Of Akhnaten


Congratulations, ye Children of Akhenaten! I know some of you like to think of yourselves as Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, for that matter, but we both know your basic operating premise is that of Akhenaten, otherwise known as the destroyer of gods and diversity. The fascism is old and runs deep. The mono-theising of religion did more than just destroy hundreds of gods; it essentially neutered...



You expect the universe to be logical, and perhaps it is, but you’re hardly in possession of all the pieces of the puzzle. In fact, you do not even know how many puzzle pieces there are. Universal consistency, in that regard, is an article of faith, whether in some god or science. Keep that in mind. It’s normal to be confused about the universe. The only thing you need to be certain...

Kind To Strangers


Yes, you should avoid people who are unkind to strangers but do not make the mistake of thinking that those who are kind to strangers find it equally easy to be kind to those with whom they’re close. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite. Charity, unlike empathy, does not entail vulnerability, and vulnerability scares the living shit out of most people.



We judge all the time, and that’s how we decide who we like, who we don’t, who we trust, and who we don’t. Who we are friendly towards, and who we’re not. This isn’t something ‘wrong’ that we do. In fact, I’ve argued before that this is a primary, if not the primary function, of our existence; to judge and to act according to our judgment and for...



I find most of the complexity, when it comes to mental issues, to be illusory. Then again, I also think that to some extent, all our ‘conscious thought’ is literally our brain’s ‘noise’ and a result of, not a cause of, most of our actions and feelings and behaviors. Consciousness is fractal, and we tend to overindulge it sometimes. We feel certain things, and the...

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