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They’ve Pummeled Your Dreams


They’ve pummeled your dreams so far into the ground with their bloody fists that you’re willing to vote for an ass like Biden while you think Bernie is god’s gift to humanity, second only to Jesus fucking Christ himself. They’ve shoved you so far into the corner that you can’t see that Bernie is a sellout. He supported Obama’s drone program, had no issues with an extrajudicial kill-list, and was...

Baited By Biden


Here’s what you need to understand; Oliver, Colbert, Conan, Fallon, and those other guys, all of them – they’ll push you towards Biden, they’ll make jokes about Bernie, and they’ll portray him as the interesting but unelectable candidate. They all pretend to be edgy and liberal, but they all tow the DNC line. This is why they punched down at the greens when Clinton was running. This is why...

Trumping Your Standards


I’m starting to feel that the real threat of a Trump presidency is that it’s lowering everybody’s standards.  It’s made people think well of presidents like George W. Bush, a mass-murdering liar by any measure. It’s made people elevate drone-happy Obama, who casually ordered the murder of more than 4,000 innocent Pakistani’s into almost godlike status...

Bernie, The DNC, And Your Shopping Cart


For a long time now, I’ve held the view that the DNC would rather lose the presidential election than choose Bernie Sanders as their Democratic nominee for the presidential election. Everything that’s happened in the last few months supports that view; the attack on Bernie Sanders by Warren, the willful lack of Bernie coverage on networks that ostensibly frame themselves as being the...

Bernie Sanders Is No Mike Gravel


I wish Bernie Sanders were the real deal, but he isn’t. He supports drone strikes and was okay with an illegal ‘kill list’ and backed up corrupt Clinton when he didn’t secure the DNC’s support. You want a real deal, get Mike Gravel back in the race. HE’s the ‘real deal.’  And if you don’t know who Mike Gravel is, then consider this, why have...

The Myth of the Honest Broker


Only the United States would have the sheer arrogance and delusion to refer to itself as an “honest broker” or try to convince the world that it’s seeking a “peaceful solution” to the Palestinian issue while sabotaging any possibility of peace by moving its embassy to Jerusalem and inaugurating it during Palestinians protests in memory of the Palestinian Nakba or Holocaust. Only Trump would...

Hey America, It’s Not Trump That’s Making You Look Bad


Dear Americans,  I know a lot of you think Trump is making you look bad internationally. I understand that. The man is an oaf—a buffoon.  But America has looked bad for a while now. It started with killing almost all of the native population of North America and then celebrating the mass murderer and slave trader otherwise known as Christopher Columbus. It went on with you forcing Japan to sign...

Bare Arms


In principle, the Second Amendment makes sense. A people should be empowered to take down a government that’s gone rogue. However, since the amendment was written, things have changed. It’s no longer rifle against rifle or bayonet against bayonet. Governments now have access to weapons that render impotent any weapons that civilians can buy. Governments have drones, and they have jet...

Just Because Trump is Wrong, Doesn’t Mean You’re Right


It’s true that Trump is an idiot who lacks all understanding of nuance, but it’s also true that in confronting him, many people also forego any understanding of nuance… Trump’s last press conference about Charlottesville was indeed disastrous, however, cliched as it may be, even a broken clock is right once in a while (twice a day to be precise…) Now…Trump is probably not wrong when he claims...

American Responsibility


Americans generally don’t want to take responsibility for their choices, or, for that matter, for their very character as a nation.  When children don’t pay attention at school, you don’t say they lack discipline or that the teachers are boring, or that the syllabi are uninspired and uninspiring; you say that they have ADHD. Now I’m sure some might have ADHD, but to my...

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