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People underestimate the importance of stories, but I think that stories are the fabric of our minds. Stories are how stars become constellations, and how flesh becomes character. They’re the narrative that gives life to a universe otherwise governed by nothing but the laws of physics. They’re how we make sense of the world, and determine what kind of sense we make of it.

On The OA


I want to tell you about The OA. You might not understand why I’d take the time to tell you about a TV show while reality itself seems to be falling apart, children are getting murdered in their homes, and politicians are doing their best to exploit your misery for their gains. But to quote the main character from the first episode, “pretend to trust me until you do.” With those lines, spoken by...

For All Mankind


Watching the finale episode of Season One of For All Mankind, and it really is a well-written show. Two particular moments stand out so far, and for almost opposite reasons – [SPOILERS] In the first, two astronauts stranded in a capsule face almost certain death, a male and a gay woman. He’s her superior officer at NASA and was the one who trained her. She’s been keeping her sexuality a...



1917 is a damn good movie. By focusing on a microcosm, a tiny slice of story within what was otherwise a ‘world’ war, it creates incredible cinema. The cinematography by Roger Deakins is fantastic. The production design and set staging are mind-boggling. The music by Thomas Newman is perfect, enhancing and influencing the viewer but never overwhelming the narrative or the performances and never...

Saudi F’Ing Arabia


In 2002, when a fire erupted at a girl’s school in Mecca, members of the ‘Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,’ otherwise known in Saudi Arabia as the ‘mutawiyin’ stopped Civil Defense workers from going into the building to help the girls escape the fire. Not only that but they are said to have locked the gates and prevented the girls...

Brilliant Vice


I Saw Vice yesterday. It’s an absolutely great movie. Well written, very well directed, great performances all around. It’s rare to see a movie tackle such a serious subject with such so much humor and still punch you in the gut with the gravity of the matter at hand. Christian Bale (who I still think of as an asshole every since that screaming recording) pulls off an absolutely...



Aquaman is terrible. The jokes don’t land. The close-ups and metal riffing on the little quips are so pathetic they’re laughable. The heroic arc is completely lacking, with everybody telling us how worthy Aquaman is without the movie demonstrating any (other than ‘genetic’) nobility on his part. It’s about 45 minutes longer than it has any right or reason to be. The soundtrack is confused...

DC In Crisis


I like some of Tom King’s work, and some of his earlier Batman stories were really good (I’m ignoring the Batman Wedding debacle), but Heroes in Crisis should have been nipped in the bud by the editorial powers that be and exemplifies what happens when a writer gets too big for his ideas to be rejected. The very notion of a secret trauma hospital/therapy center for both heroes and villains is...

The Lion King


Excited about the new Lion King? In case you forgot, this was the story: A brain-dead cub listens to his lying uncle and gets his father killed. He cowardly abandons his now-widowed mother, is rewarded for all that by ending up in heaven where he sings “Hakuna Matata” (Disney for “Fuck It All, I Don’t Care”), then comes back home in the noble pursuit...

DC Fleecing Comic Book Fans


I’m really tired of all the various editions that get published to fleece comic book readers, and that try to make a buck off prospective ‘collectors.’ Look at this one, for example – the issue for which this claims to be a ‘Director’s Cut’ was barely released last month, and already we have a ‘director’s cut’! First of all, comics...

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