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DEUS Nazis


At a dEUS concert, before it begins, and looking around, I notice that there are security guards dressed in vaguely military colors (beige, light brown), and for some reason, they’re all wearing Nazi Swastikas on their arms. 

Go figure.

Augmented Synesthesia


So I’m near my apartment in Zamalek, just taking a walk. Run into these two girls that I’m apparently friends with. They show me this new funky app they’ve coded (or downloaded, don’t remember, but I think in the dream they’d coded it). It’s quite cool – basically, when you ran it and held the phone while any music was playing from any source, it would...

Super Villain


I had a bizarre dream. I was some kind of superhero, and I had to track down this terrible supervillain, and finally, when I found him, I saw that he had dressed himself up as a terrible patchwork of some other heroes. His costume was part Shazam, part Superman, etc. But he’s gotten it all wrong. He thought that the symbols were all about power. He saw them for what they had, not for what...

Al Shater


Khairat El Shater was in my apartment. Sitting on a sofa in the outside room. Only the sofa was where the chest is. It was me and a friend, and Khairat El Shater. And it’s like I was trying to talk El Shater into renouncing violence. My argument went along these lines; that it’s understandable that you took up violence when the state was against you, and you had no peaceful means by...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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