Yes, You Heard Me Right – I Want You To Vote For Bush…

Most Americans, I believe, still think that America is a victim.

They simply don’t know enough about what the US Government has been doing for the last few decades, and I tend to think that even when the knowledge comes knocking on their doors – they shrug it off with a self-righteous shrug, as though no American could possibly be involved in acts of evil.

Any ‘incidents’ can always be blamed on the ‘occasional bad apple’…like Sgt. England.

It is, apparently, very easy for America not to follow up on things, not to realize that when Rumsfeld, for instance, says he ‘accepts full responsibility‘ – that something should happen based on that admission. Yet, although he claimed to accept full responsibility, Rumsfeld has not been tried, has not resigned, has not been fired, or suffered any punitive result whatsoever. In effect, his admission of responsibility is just so much voodoo. News-fodder.

It’s a horrible situation, and I honestly can’t believe it’s going to get any better anytime soon.

I’ve reached a point where I honestly want Bush to win.

I’m sick of Democrats and Republicans (cue laugh track…) playing Good Cop / Bad Cop to the world – and right now – now that at least most of the world’s civil society (don’t ask me to define that one…) have come to understand – or to begin to understand what America has done and is doing – I do not want that thrust to be lost, as I’m sure it will be if Kerry wins. He’ll smile, pull a Clinton, shake hands – and appease the world – and the world, sick of everything will want to believe that whereas Bush came to Iraq as an invader, Kerry is only there to clean up ‘Bush’s mess’. The world, as it always tends to do, will probably forget, and forgive, and go back to work, thinking the ‘bad guy’ has been punished. As though going back to being an unskilled spoilt brat is somehow ‘fitting’ punishment for the murder of (according to John Hopskins) at least 100,000 innocent Iraqi’s, tens of thousands of Afghani’s, the invasion and occupation of two nations, and lying to the world at large.

This will all be forgiven, forgotten. Arabs will take the bait, and go back into KFC, fall back in love with the Big Mac, and happily pay their hard-earned money watching Die Hard 17 – having conveniently forgotten about, for example, Bruce Willis’ stance on the war. They might even accept the ‘Team America: World Police‘ grotesque puppetry, that portrays Tim Robbins and Sean Penn as witless accomplices to terrorism.


May this world one day be healed.

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    Electric Ukelele

    Hey, my sister has told me about you (I think you know her as Nihal37). I haven’t had the time recently, but you know, I think it’d be good for both of us to engage in a little ‘debate’. I’m not going to say that the US is a saint, and sure, Iraq was wrong, but two wrongs don’t make a right. 9/11 was when America was made a victim. The fact that we, instead of realizing the wrongs we had been commiting, instead chose to find someone else to blame, doesn’t speak well for us, but no country deserves to have three thousand of its citizens killed.

    Yes, america has made mistakes in the past… and the fact is, Bush’s administration encouraged, to an extent, the “bad apples” to rot. But why would any of us vote for bush? If the rest of the world has been endlessly terrorized by this guy, why again should we vote for him?

    You complain about the democrats, then about rumsfeld. But it was the democrats who forced rumsfeld to make that admission- so you can’t have it both ways.

    Which still doesn’t explain why you want bush to win.

    So, supposedly, you don’t want the anti-american forces to lose momentum. Now let me ask you a question. If America reverses its course, elects kerry, brings goodwill to the table, and generally does good things, would you give up on this little crusade of yours? My instinct tells me no. That is one thing I have to take issue with.

    Next up, the 100,000 number- the fact is, people were dying during the invasion. People were dying before the invasion. I hesitate to say that america has killed any iraqis, if we factor in the number that Sadaam was taking out. It may be that even with all those deaths, fewer people are dying now. In which case, wouldn’t the invasion be sound, on those grounds? it is still wrong elsewhere, but be careful when pulling the civilan casualties card. That report, I read, claims 60 thousand people died in fallujah- a city of I think 350 thousand. Think about that. That isn’t civilian casualties- that’s an atomic bomb. I think it casts doubt on the numbers.

    I think the world will one day be healed- and yet, I also think a US of A will still be in existence. I certainly hope so.

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    I don’t see how you can claim the US has rights to ‘protect’ anyone. Saddam killing Iraqis is the problem of Iraqis first, Arabs second – the US is in no position to waltz uninvited into a country half the globe away to protect people your average American thinks ride camels. The war, the invasion, was about American self-interest, about protecting the US from a) terrorists and b)WMDs, both of which turned out to be a load of bull. So, don’t play the ‘protecting’ Iraqi civilian card now that all the rest of your cards have been burnt. The US was and still is uninvited in this region. Don’t try to assume otherwise, while you sit smug on the other side of the world.

    And give Septic a break on wanting Bush to win. The US administrations of yore have been abusing and manipulating the world’s political scene for decades. They’ve ousted presidents, and replaced them with dictators to support their cause. They’ve funded terrorism to abate the enemy. If Arabs feel that Bush – with his acute lack of political tact and gung-ho, ‘kill-em all let God sort of ’em out’ neo-con politics (which his cabinet readily admits to in the Project for the American Century) – if they feel that he’ll somehow help further their cause of SOME semblence of fairness, then so be it.

    If you are so naive as to think Kerry is all goody goody, you need to understand that ‘they boy who cried wolf’ story applies here very nicely. Why should the world, indeed the Arab world, take your rant on Kerry’s goodness for more than what it is – a hypothetical rant? If ‘hypothetically’ Kerry is good, Arabs will hypothetically back down from their anti-US rhetoric. But the world doesn’t run on theories.

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