Incredibly, all the ‘news’ networks are flooded with items about the Isra…the Zionist soldier held by the Palestinians. Not surprisingly, most of these news items completely neglect to mention the fact that the Zionist occupation is holding and has been holding more than 9,000 Palestinian prisoners for years, most of whom are, by any definition of the word, civilians, and many of whom are children – legal minors. How many of those are actually undergoing some kind of legal process?

Well, the numbers are pathetic.

I’m not in the most lyrical of moods, so excuse the lackluster writing. I just can’t believe the horrific lack of shame exhibited by the news media. The news media that remains silent about incredible injustices perpetrated daily at the expense of women and children, is yet somehow willing to blow the capture of one soldier beyond all reasonable proportion.

In any case, do your conscience and the world a favor, and check out If Americans Knew

Consider your prejudices.