And now, after most of the polling results are in, a few things are clear:

First – I do not consider the elections a final battle that the revolution has lost, but an opinion poll that the revolution has won.

Let me explain:

First – the biggest loser in these polls was the Military Council – whose candidate (Shafiq) could barely get 25% of the votes – despite the massive support he was lent by SCAF, the massive amounts of money spent on his campaign, and the alleged thousands of cars that ferried his (paid?) supporters back and forth to the polling stations. Also – he was pelted with shoes.

Second – the political Islamists (Aboul Fotouh & Morsi) have clearly lost much of their support, and they are losing political credit day by day, and must come around to re-embracing their now estranged political neighbors with whom they have not stood since they left Tahrir ages ago. Political Islam, which garnered 70% of the votes back when the parliamentary elections were held, has now failed to get anymore than 40% of the votes, even less if we consider that Aboul Fotouh has had some support from some non-islamist quarters.

Third – the clear winner in this opinion poll between SCAF and the revolution is clearly the revolution. The revolutionary candidates (Hamdeen, Aboul Fotouh, and the other smaller figures) have together gotten around 50% of the votes, making them TWICE as popular as SCAF, if you don’t even count the MB as part of the revolution. If you do, then this number goes up to around 65-70%.

The problem is, of course, that the revolutionary candidates were split.

And now we face a problem that seems to yield no easy solution, do we deliver Egypt to a representative of the old regime, as though nothing had happened, no revolution had taken place, or do we satisfy the MB’s greed for power, and give them all but complete control of the country, and risk the very fate of the revolution to satisfy their ambitions?

We don’t seem to have a solution other than that presented to us by SCAF – which is an inevitable confrontation between the old regime (Feloul) and the Muslim Brotherhood, in a bloody battle in which Egypt will be the clear loser.

Now, SCAF had announced, after the latest events in Abbaseya – that they would be willing to turn over power to any candidate who achieves an overwhelming majority in the election polls…

Based on that, and to avoid a bloody confrontation –

We must now demand of all the NON-SCAF candidates that they unite into a Civil Council – made up now of people whose popularity has been demonstrated in these election polls, they would in fact, be ELECTED people, and not appointed in any way by anybody, or by some political elites acting undemocratically.

Morsi & Sabahi & Aboul Fotouh & Moussa must unite now – and form a presidential civil council – they must do this now. They represent a huge voting block, making up almost 75% of the total votes in the elections, and since this 75% is an ‘overwhelming majority’ – they would have the right to demand an immediate handover of authority without any need for a second round of elections. Doing this would put the interest of Egypt above the interests of any single candidate or party, and would re-unite the revolutionary forces that have been divided, and would quite amply put SCAF in it’s place. Because the reality is that the voters are with the revolution and only one third of them voted to resurrect Mubarak’s regime.

This formation would reassure everybody – the Islamists would have both Morsi and Aboul Fotouh, and would restore some of the popular confidence that they have lost post-parliament – in return, the presence of Sabbahi and Moussa would reassure both liberals and businessmen, and all those whom SCAF had build up with Islamophobia.

I hope that everybody who reads this and thinks it’s reasonable can try to spread the call for this action, and deliver it to the candidates and their representatives, and to the various political powers.

Let’s have Egypt win one for a change!