General Amer of Iraq, he’s on TV.


“This bunker”, he points to a picture, as he apologizes for his lack of an overhead projector, “which Secretary Powell showed to the Security Council – this bunker…I remember the design, it’s a British design. It’s there, as you see it – it’s on the ground. You can see it from the street, you don’t need a satelite picture. It’s a bunker.”

And I think, and I know – it doesn’t matter what he says. Iraq has accepted the position forced upon them, a farcical proposition, to prove not the presence, but the absence of something. Any logician could point out the absurdity of that.

Or else, says The Bush, or else says the Powell, or anyway, as they and the Rumsfeld all chorus, you will be bombed.

The nuclear technology they are accusing Iraq of having is part and pacel of the very weapons they gather around it, the US aircraft carriers are not full of neat little, slomo-video peace-to-the-world doves. Surely, we all know that.

And it really doesn’t matter what the General says.

I don’t think anybody’s listening.

Can Somebody PLEASE read this little thing in the Guardian….