There’s good shit, and there’s bad shit…

Ignore unprovable hypothesis, and work with the material at hand. Work for the benefit of humans. All humans, and without regard for reward. Being good should be reward enough. The Norse Mythologies exemplify that.

Religion, even with the best of intentions, alienates people from one another. I kow it shouldn’t, but it DOES. And that has to be considered. Justice is demonstrateable, and Grace is necessary, but Truth is a confusion of vanity.

Being on the side of good is reward enough. Has to be.

Anything else is confusion and absoluteness, and inevitably, invariably, murder.

Even animals know right from wrong, and they sure as shit don’t need an instruction manual to know what’s good and what’s bad.

“What is Good, and what is bad, Pheadrus? Need we ask anybody to tell us these things?”

I’m open minded in PRACTICE, but in theory, I’m pretty ruthless.

Humans can only be the same in the sense that they are all human – bas kidah. Trying to formulate the big mess of mankind under any banner is bound to fail, and to cause antagonism and resentment, and eventually, murder.

I mean, I love the Chinese, but c’mon..Cuba’s cool, though. You know in Cuba – there’s ONE toothpaste…When you say ‘toothpaste’ – you’re using it as a noun, not as a generic term!

It’s not even branded, it’s just an aluminum tube with the paste in it!

Absolutely brilliant.

Yes, sorry. I leap around sometimes.

There’s good shit, and bad shit, and I’d die for the good shit, but I’m not about to kill for the bad.


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