The Seattle Incident – What You May Not Know…

You may have all heard or read about what just happened in Seattle

Unfortunately, almost all the news articles I’ve read – at the Washington Post linked above or elsewhere – fails to provide much needed context for what took place.

First of all, Naveed Afzal Haq might well have been desperate, but even my quick research shows he was not insane. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seatle is not a random collection of apolitical Jews. I went to their website, and learned a few things;

1. Right under their logo they make clear that they support Israel.

2. Just last week, while hundreds of innocent Lebanese were being bombarded by Israeli precision guided weapons, this ‘Jewish’ Federation held what they call the ‘Largest Jewish Rally in the History of Seattle’ in support of Israel, once again claiming Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’ – i.e. their ‘right’ to ethnic cleansing, murder, and the usage of chemical weapons against innocents.

3. The woman that was killed was one of the rally volunteers, and at least one, if not more, of the wounded were on the organizing committee of the rally.

Had Naveed Afzal Haq attacked, say – the offices of Neturei Karta – I would gladly take the side of those calling him an armed madman…had he done that.

But he didn’t.

Allow me a reconstruction…

He’d been watching the news, watching what he considers his fellow humans getting murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere, under the banner of the ‘war on terrorism’…he’s been watching Rice, Bush and Blair negotiating with the lives of women and children, and he’s been seeing the toxic arm of Zionism murdering and lying, and claiming to be on the defensive…

…and then to his horror, he walked down the streets of his adopted hometown, and watched the ‘Jewish’ Federation of Greater Seattle (in my book – if you support ‘Israel’ – you’re a Zionist, not simply a Jew…) – organize a rally in support of the horrors he had been witnessing…

Go ahead. Act surprised.

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  1. Interesting..
    So because that organization was behind a rally in support of Israel, that justifies holding a 13 year old girl at gunpoint and shooting, injuring and killing a dozen others?

    Then why do you guys get very upset when Egyptian State Security beats up a few protestors?

    Talking about double standards.. yeah right..

  2. I seem to attract the purposely idiotic.

    How exactly did you conclude that I claim his actions were ‘justified’?

    The whole point of my post was that his actions occurred within a context. A context that the news does not inclue when it reports the story, and a context that makes the act understandable, whether or not it’s justifiable.

    And how the HELL does that have anything to do with peaceful protestors getting beaten up? You seem to have absolutely no regard for issues of right and wrong.

    When people demonstrate to support a genocide and an ethnic cleansing – they are, in my obviously biased opinon – WRONG. When people demonstrate against ethnic cleansing – they are obviously – in my unabashedly biased opinion – RIGHT.

    Now – what exactly is your point? And can you actually post a comment that ISN’T purposely idiotic?

  3. Well, I guess some of people haven’t grown past calling anything they disagree with “idiotic”.
    Well, pardon me if I misunderstood, but the last couple of paragraphs in your original post seemed like saying that it’s understandable for anyone who’s been watching TV for the past 2 weeks to go around shooting anybody who did nothing but express an opposing argument.

    Dude, I live in NY, and I’ve seen rallies in the middle of Manattan supporting Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq. Now read your post, and tell me, if a good old Hassidic jew went on a shooting rampage against one of those rallies, would you have wrote the same thing? Or would you have ranted about the immorality and cowardice of such an act.

    My dear, your right and wrong are not universal. We’d be living in heaven if there was only one version of the story that everyone believes in. Those who rally in support of Israel do believe, wether we agree or not, that they are rallying AGAISNT the genocide of their own kin.

    My whole point is, no one should be targeted by physical violence for voicing their opinions, wether we agree with it or not. Hence, comes the similarity with the protestors being harrassed and beaten up by police. Thought that was clear. Segregating protestors as “peaceful” just because we agree with their cause, while others are welad kalb cause they’re rallying for another cause we disagree with is what I meant by double standards.


  4. It’s quite telling that despite living in NY, you report to have ‘seen’ rallies supporting Palestine, Iraq, etc…not to have ‘participated’ in rallies.

    And your point would be valid in a dumb universe that had no sense of justice, and for which there was, in fact, no right and wrong. But in this particular scenario – there IS a right and wrong. The Zionist occupation came to these lands, and launched a campaign of occupation and ethnic cleansing and genocide. Sure, I’m certain some people see it in a different light, but you know what? They are wrong.

    And it’s got nothing to do with this whole post-modern ‘truth is relative/subjective’ crap. It’s got to do with history, and with crimes, and with murder, and with rape, and if you can’t see that, or refuse to see that, then that’s your problem.

    If you choose to ignore truth, and walk by as injustice is piled upon injustice, comforting yourself with the ridiculous notion that there is no universal truth in the matter, and that history is irrelevant…that is a pitiful, useless viewpoint that leads to nothing but inaction and confused indifference.

    Oh, and in case you’ve completely failed to notice my last few entries, ‘good old hasidic jews’ are against the existence of the state of Israel. So they obviously believe in something non-relative too.

    And do not call me your ‘dear’. I am not your dear nor do I choose to be.

    Also – the foundation – claiming to be jewish, but in fact zionist – is not just ‘voicing an opinion’ – they are financially and socially supporting a murderous occupation.

    Grow up, stop shaming your apparently Arab origins, and hopefully you’ll also adopt a nick that reflects that growth.

  5. ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??? ??????

    So I’m the one who bring shame to my Arabic origins, just because I speak against hate crimes against civilians. ???? ?? ????..

    Unfortunately, these acts are bringing so much harm to the Arabic cause than you can ever imagine.

    And for your information, you got pretty mixed up claiming that Hassidic judaism in general oppose the existence of the Israeli State.

    That stance is indeed popular among some sub sects of ultra-Orthodox or Haredi Jews, whose only disagreement with Zionism as an ideology is the timing for the establishment of such state. Which according to the Torah should happend only after the coming of the Messiah. Indeed, some zionists back in the 1940’s tried to promote “Ben Gurion” as being the Messiah in order to rally those ultra orthodox support. Which was pretty funny have a ????? ????.

    And please stop making assuptions about me, rather than tackling my argument. I feel like any discusion gotta turn into a spitting verbal war, just like an episode of Al Jazeera’s “??????? ???????” which is the only thing I enjoy watching on TV after the Simposons.

    oh.. and I apologize for calling you dear out of politeness.. Remind me the next time to ????? and make you happy.

  6. Please reconsider whether it is really necessary to call your readers “idiotic”.

    I find it childish and distracts from your writing.

  7. Sorry, Marta – but the fact is that some people enjoy playing the devil’s advocate a bit too much, and on that account are PURPOSELY idiotic.

    I will continue to call a spade a spade. I’m sorry if it offends you, and it’s just too bad if you feel that it detracts from my writing. If you’re that offended by it, read the main posts and don’t read the comments.

    Sadly, it just happens to be a fact that some people are here to ‘play’ – they seem to think I’m here to entertain.

    Well, I’m not.

    I have no issues with people having a real conversation, but when somebody implicitly assumes moral equivalence between a rapists and victims, I just don’t have the patience nor the heart to tolerate that.

    For instance, the comments left by ‘Zobrex’ – an immature nick to start with. Examine those, and you’ll see what I mean….

    He claims that his usage of ‘My dear’ is meant as a polite gesture, whereas I find his usage of it in “My dear, your right and wrong are not universal” – both patronizing and WRONG.

    He’s using it to try to attain a superior stance built on the post-modernist myth that a spade might be anything else, and not necessarily a spade. Well, much as I like Magritte, art belongs in a museum, and waving it around when children are getting murdered isn’t intelligent, it’s callous and makes him an accomplice to the crime.


    With any luck I’ve effectively replied to both comments.

  8. Avatar


    The hesedics / Lubavitch orthodox jews are staunchly pro-zioinist and they milk the israeli cow to the last drop. Only fringe ultra-orthodox groups oppose the founding of the – and I can’t really tell if it is just a PR ploy or genuine disapproval.

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