The Fantastic Disappearing Boeing!

Anybody know why Rumsfeld won’t sign this letter?

Seems simple enough, no?

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    Maybe because the website which hosts the letter( is titled “Watercolor, Magic Quilting & Political Points” ??

    I heard Rumsfeld is more of a knitter.

  2. Ah. An ad hominem attack?


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    Yeah, it was kinda low.

    the larger point (that I was too lazy to make) is:

    who is this guy?

    Yeah, ok, “american taxpayer”

    But honestly? Is joe citizen patriotic tax payer going to get Rumsfeld to sign a letter?

    Rumsfeld doesn’t sign letters informing mothers that their 19 year old son just died in Iraq.

    He uses a signature machine for that. An automated signature machine.

    So to answer your question – Rumsfeld won’t sign this because he knows he doesn’t have to.

    Magical watercoloring revolutionaries are not on his radar.

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