There once was a people,
who looked at other people,
and thought – oh, my god –
I wouldn’t want that.

They sent out a boat
That sailed across the moat,
Until, at last – They saw
Their desti-nation.

But there were other people,
evil, nasty people,
who sure as hell
didn’t want THAT.

‘The Flotilla Song’ – Don’t Bother to Look It Up. I just made it up.

Anyway –

The Audacity of Hope was part of a flotilla going to Gaza with human aid. That it was also effectively challenging the Israeli Blockade of Gaza has certainly been a neat bonus.

The Audacity of Hope is now in Greece because its Captain has been accused not only of leaving port without permission – but with – yes – get this – ‘endangering the lives of passengers’!

You might as well arrest every cab driver in the world.

Every single one of those passengers on this ship knows exactly what they are doing, and must, in their guts understand exactly what kind of decision they have made, and the blockage of an entire population under any pretext whatsoever (unless they were temporarily quarantined for having an alien virus that kills people like *snap* – Well, I’m a pacifist but I’m not stupid) is just wrong – and the ‘passengers’ know this. They know it in their gut, and in their mind – these are exactly the kind of people who DO know about the other ill-fated flotillas and they are keenly aware that the possibility of dying is a real possibility.

It’s CALLED The Audacity of Hope.

The Zionists can’t bear it, Obama wrote about it in a book and then betrayed it, the Middle Eastern regimes that are at the moment arresting the people whose freedoms and rights they claim to support, want none of it whatsoever. It is distasteful to the Masters & The Generals that they must kill you, imprison you, inspect your vagina’s, and generally have to do things to keep you quiet – but keep you quiet is first and foremost on their minds.

The more you talk, the more they lose power.

The more of us talk – the quicker the thought grows, and then economies of scale start working to the benefit of those who would change things – when the requisite memes have spread so far, and too fast – and can no longer be contained. It is not one man saying so, it is a neighborhood, it is the city, it is the people – and they are no longer just passengers.