Back from Tahrir and want to assure you that despite any casualties, we are fine and not disheartened in any way.

Things got bad for a while but the situation has been contained – by which (and I can barely believe I now refer to this as ‘contained’) I mean that there are now ‘only’ about 1000 or less thugs left, and they are losing every battle they start.

There were much more damages earlier because nobody expected that this brutal attack would take place, and not in the shape of horses, camels, stick, and … Molotovs (seriously Mubarak? Seriously?) but now things are as safe as they can be (given hundreds of thugs at the gates) and we remain strong.

In a sense I’m glad they did this, since it has exposed them to the whole world – however that’s a lesson paid for with blood and need not be learned twice, so I hope to god that they don’t bring more bastards in tomorrow.

Yesterday, as I watched with glee while we were more than a million strong (a million human beings in one crowded place and not one fight between them!!!) – I remarked that for once in my life I am truly thankful that Mubarak had not already died. Had he done so, we may not have a people who today know they are unstoppable when united.

Well, now the white house has finally decided not to hedge bets – now means yesterday, they say. Well, they should have bet on us from day one, and that tardiness will certainly cost them and others who have sold us out.