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Just Because Trump is Wrong, Doesn’t Mean You’re Right


It’s true that Trump is an idiot who lacks all understanding of nuance, but it’s also true that in confronting him, many people also forego any understanding of nuance… Trump’s last press conference about Charlottesville was indeed disastrous, however, cliched as it may be, even a broken clock is right once in a while (twice a day to be precise…) Now…Trump is probably not wrong when he claims...

Egypt: Bottoms, Narrative Choices, & Frogs


There are certain things people need to realize first to sense the necessity of change and, in some cases, the urgency. Let’s start with a basic social truth – there is no ‘bottom.’ Your society, community, or state is not some rubber ball bouncing towards the ground that must inevitably hit bottom and bounce back up. Things that fall will – unless something changes – continue to fall. The...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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