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On The OA


I want to tell you about The OA. You might not understand why I’d take the time to tell you about a TV show while reality itself seems to be falling apart, children are getting murdered in their homes, and politicians are doing their best to exploit your misery for their gains. But to quote the main character from the first episode, “pretend to trust me until you do.” With those lines, spoken by...



Sit down. Tune in, and grab a beer. See what you might otherwise miss. Give us 30 seconds – and with one blank frame every thirty – we’ll put you up into a deep hypno-idiotic state during which you’ll be up to 25 times more susceptible to The Creed. Photons building crude patterns, chiseling into your organism. Give us your minute cause we’ll take away your day. Believe what you will as long as...

Lost: The Begining of the End


WARNING: If you have not seen Lost or have not seen all episodes of Lost up to and including the 1st episode of Season 4, then do NOT read anymore. Click away. Disappear. Go. Done? Okay, for those that remain… Lost. Two days before I watched ‘The Begining of The End’ I sat down with a friend of mine, a fellow Lost convertee. We discussed the show’s characters, whereas we...

What’s Wrong With Alan Shore?


Well, initially, nothing. Season 3 of Boston Legal, however, has put the character in grave danger. There are two reasons, not one, for why Alan Shore had been such a fascinating character in The Practice and the first episodes of Boston Legal. He had been (as he yet continues to be) quirky – and more importantly, he had been (and by Season 3, he has lost this) – scary. This has been lost. We are...

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