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Fishere’s Dangerous Argument


I’ve read Ezzedine Fishere’s article describing how the military will eventually relinquish power. I like Fishere, and I’ve liked him since he showed up on my TV screen one day and suggested that the viewers use their remote controls to turn off a lying media. Fishere, at some length, constructs the four pillars of his argument, describing them as such and indicating that since...

The Military


The military will starve you, then feed you. They will raise gas prices then offer you transportation on their buses. They will make deals with terrorists, then offer to save you from them. Behind all these actions lies one motive…one lesson they want you to learn; they are your god almighty, they are the takers, and they are the givers, by their will you starve, and by their providence...

Egypt : It’s a Matter of Opinion


So, finally – when their lackluster attempts at reason fall apart, they tell you it’s just a difference of opinion and that it’s okay to disagree. So yeah, it’s just ‘opinion’… Well – It’s my ‘opinion’ that the so-called Supreme Council of the Armed Forces hijacked the revolution with the aid of the Muslim brotherhood, to whom they handed power in order to be able to restore military rule with...

Egypt: The Regime’s Oppression Cannot Last


It takes no genius to recognize that Egypt is off the rails. Most Egyptian media is exhibiting an undying commitment to polarization, despite it being quite well known that, behind closed doors, the military is, in fact, negotiating with the ‘terrorists.’ Please note that the quotes are no longer technically necessary in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood was legally declared, for what that’s...

The Crisis of Mind & Morality in Egypt


The Great Divide Recent events in Egypt have led to deep intellectual and moral fractures; Egyptians are both shocked and offended at the way the media is handling things, and the media is shocked, and by turns disgusted and dumbfounded by how Egyptians see things. The divides have been brutal, creating what appears to be vast moral and intellectual divides between people who, just two weeks ago...

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