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Trumping Your Standards


I’m starting to feel that the real threat of a Trump presidency is that it’s lowering everybody’s standards.  It’s made people think well of presidents like George W. Bush, a mass-murdering liar by any measure. It’s made people elevate drone-happy Obama, who casually ordered the murder of more than 4,000 innocent Pakistani’s into almost godlike status...

Hey America, It’s Not Trump That’s Making You Look Bad


Dear Americans,  I know a lot of you think Trump is making you look bad internationally. I understand that. The man is an oaf—a buffoon.  But America has looked bad for a while now. It started with killing almost all of the native population of North America and then celebrating the mass murderer and slave trader otherwise known as Christopher Columbus. It went on with you forcing Japan to sign...

Cycles of Terror


I’ve said before that “If you want to find the truth, assume that everybody is lying, but if you want to solve a problem, assume that everybody is telling the truth.” Today, I find this relevant. We have what appears to be a recurring pattern. A terrorist attack takes place, whether it’s on the WTC in New York, or (with much lesser casualties) at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, and the...

What About MY Nobel Peace Prize?


When Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel committee, announced that Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, the reporters, or so it’s been reported – gasped. That should’ve told him something. In explaining the committees’ choice, it was explained that Obama was awarded the prize not for what he’s done but for what he might...

Obama In Cairo


Well, here he was. Massive hype, of course, an event touted as a game-changer for American/Arab relations and something that many people were eagerly expecting. Even before the event, certain facts were being highlighted within the region – Unlike most, if not all, US Presidents of the last few decades, Obama would not be visiting Israel and would not be driven straight from the airport to...

Open Letter To Barak Obama


Mr. Obama, President-Elect – you have won, and the people cheer – and in huge neon letters, or so the media would have us understand – the world itself now sees the words ‘Hope’, ‘Change,’ ‘Obama’ all writ large onto some bright fantastical chimera.  My skepticism is founded mainly on your foreign policies, which, unfortunately, sound to me almost identical in attitude to the ones that have...

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