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Al Shater


Khairat El Shater was in my apartment. Sitting on a sofa in the outside room. Only the sofa was where the chest is. It was me and a friend, and Khairat El Shater. And it’s like I was trying to talk El Shater into renouncing violence. My argument went along these lines; that it’s understandable that you took up violence when the state was against you, and you had no peaceful means by...

The Crisis of Mind & Morality in Egypt


The Great Divide Recent events in Egypt have led to deep intellectual and moral fractures; Egyptians are both shocked and offended at the way the media is handling things, and the media is shocked, and by turns disgusted and dumbfounded by how Egyptians see things. The divides have been brutal, creating what appears to be vast moral and intellectual divides between people who, just two weeks ago...

This Word You Keep Using…


The Muslim Brotherhood lives in a Bizarro World. In their universe, the supreme authority is not the God of Islam, to whom all individuals have access through their hearts and innate moral compass (the fitra) but the Guidance Council. In their universe, anybody who is not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is not really a Muslim. In their universe, wisdom comes from Sheikhs who insist that Hindus...

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