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Spinoza saw… that if a falling stone could reason, it would think, “I want to fall at the rate of thirty-two feet per second.”The Android and the Human (1972), PKD

The Wisdom of The Body


You are your body, and it is you. Your body is not something you (as a fairy tale disembodied spirit) inhabit; it is you. We are our bodies, and claims to the contrary serve religious zealots and all other people who want us to tolerate injustice and suffering in this life, as though there’s another life to live later in which all things will be made right. The other proponents of this myth...



I find most of the complexity, when it comes to mental issues, to be illusory. Then again, I also think that to some extent, all our ‘conscious thought’ is literally our brain’s ‘noise’ and a result of, not a cause of, most of our actions and feelings and behaviors. Consciousness is fractal, and we tend to overindulge it sometimes. We feel certain things, and the...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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