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The Myth of the Honest Broker


Only the United States would have the sheer arrogance and delusion to refer to itself as an “honest broker” or try to convince the world that it’s seeking a “peaceful solution” to the Palestinian issue while sabotaging any possibility of peace by moving its embassy to Jerusalem and inaugurating it during Palestinians protests in memory of the Palestinian Nakba or Holocaust. Only Trump would...

Philip K. Dick on Israel


This is a letter Philip K. Dick wrote in response to Israel’s bombing of the Osirak reactor in Iraq in 1981. It’s worth reading these days because, as with his science fiction, PKD remains prophetic…. Philip K. Dick is, arguably, the science fiction author, and the mind behind such movies as Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau, and many others. The letter is...

Message To Zionists


Everything you have you have stolen. You are backing up an apartheid state that is racist, fundamentalist, and insane. You look at little children, and you consider them a ‘demographic threat.’ You look at little children, and you call them ‘little snakes,’ and you demand that all their mothers be murdered. I’m no fan of Hamas, and in fact, if anybody likes Hamas, it...

The Monkey On Your Back


If you’ve been paying any attention, you already know that last week, while Joe Biden was in Israel to supposedly help move along the peace process – Israel declared, as though by accident, that it was ‘allowing’ the construction of 1,600 settler housing units in East Jerusalem. Now the Israelis know damn well that the more they try to claim East Jerusalem, the less there’s any chance of peace...

What About MY Nobel Peace Prize?


When Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel committee, announced that Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, the reporters, or so it’s been reported – gasped. That should’ve told him something. In explaining the committees’ choice, it was explained that Obama was awarded the prize not for what he’s done but for what he might...

Sultans and Scarves


Three weeks ago, an Egyptian Muslim mother and wife, four months with child, was stabbed to death in Dresden, the civilian city bombed to the ground by the allies during World War II. She was stabbed in full view of her son and husband, and when her husband rushed to defend her, he himself was shot by the German police because they assumed him to be the attacker. Go figure. For the last...

Obama In Cairo


Well, here he was. Massive hype, of course, an event touted as a game-changer for American/Arab relations and something that many people were eagerly expecting. Even before the event, certain facts were being highlighted within the region – Unlike most, if not all, US Presidents of the last few decades, Obama would not be visiting Israel and would not be driven straight from the airport to...

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