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Ye Children of Akhenaten


Congratulivings, ye Childer of Akenhatunwake! Methinks, somewinklings among yee fancy as Muslimans, Chrishtians, Judeites, or whosoevers, but beknowst to me deep drown heart, ye’ve the mark of Akenhatunwake, the godslayer, the divershatter. Olden fascishism, like rivers deep in Erin’s heart. This mono-theosing, wiping away pantheons, not just bidding gods goodnight, but muting Mother...

Children Of Akhnaten


Congratulations, ye Children of Akhenaten! I know some of you like to think of yourselves as Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, for that matter, but we both know your basic operating premise is that of Akhenaten, otherwise known as the destroyer of gods and diversity. The fascism is old and runs deep. The mono-theising of religion did more than just destroy hundreds of gods; it essentially neutered...

Religious Pollution


“the Lord will reward each one for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free”Ephesians 6:8 This, right there, is one of the biggest problems with the major Abrahamic religions and likely a common problem with most religions… The promise of a reward undermines the sympathetic foundation of any good deed, and the very thought of reward pollutes any good intent. If you...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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