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Aquaman is terrible. The jokes don’t land. The close-ups and metal riffing on the little quips are so pathetic they’re laughable. The heroic arc is completely lacking, with everybody telling us how worthy Aquaman is without the movie demonstrating any (other than ‘genetic’) nobility on his part. It’s about 45 minutes longer than it has any right or reason to be. The soundtrack is confused...

The Lion King


Excited about the new Lion King? In case you forgot, this was the story: A brain-dead cub listens to his lying uncle and gets his father killed. He cowardly abandons his now-widowed mother, is rewarded for all that by ending up in heaven where he sings “Hakuna Matata” (Disney for “Fuck It All, I Don’t Care”), then comes back home in the noble pursuit...

Moral Structure In Film: A Brief Comparative Look


Movies move by character choices and by events – necessarily, both of these movements allow us to see into the moral framework of the protagonists. If they make a choice, we understand a part of their moral structure, and when they react to an event, we also witness decisions guided by their moral structures. Through various choices and actions – we, as viewers, layer together an...



Having pointed out the true story behind the web of lies portrayed in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan to somebody – I was taken aback by the response. The person I pointed things out to asked me why I would do such a thing to start with.“Why,” he asked, “would I do such a thing?” And, he continued, “it’s like you want to crush everything I like. And...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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