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Trumping Your Standards


I’m starting to feel that the real threat of a Trump presidency is that it’s lowering everybody’s standards.  It’s made people think well of presidents like George W. Bush, a mass-murdering liar by any measure. It’s made people elevate drone-happy Obama, who casually ordered the murder of more than 4,000 innocent Pakistani’s into almost godlike status...

Brilliant Vice


I Saw Vice yesterday. It’s an absolutely great movie. Well written, very well directed, great performances all around. It’s rare to see a movie tackle such a serious subject with such so much humor and still punch you in the gut with the gravity of the matter at hand. Christian Bale (who I still think of as an asshole every since that screaming recording) pulls off an absolutely...

Bush’s Veto or How To Dismantle A Cretin…


Having just read the text of Bush’s veto statement, I thought it might be worth a quick step-by-step deconstruction for the benefit of any polar bears on a random island somewhere that may not have given it the once-through.It reeks.“Tonight,” says The Bush, in reassuring tones, “I will explain the reasons for this veto” and, effectively, his desire to override...

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