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Gabriel & The Paper Towel


Gabriel: Dadda, can you get me a paper towel?

Me: Didn’t you just tear one?

Gabriel: Yes, but it kept tearing wrong. I want you to tear me a perfect one.

Me: Why does it have to be perfect?

Gabriel: Because I like it perfect.

Gabriel: Hide & Seek


Gabriel: Dadda!! Let’s play Hide n’ Seek! Me (exhausted): How about we play Hide n’ Forget..? Gabriel: What’s that? Me: You hide, and I forget about it. Gabriel: Is that a real game, or did you just make it up? Me: It’s a real game because I just made it up! Gabriel: Okay! He runs off while I start counting to 20. He comes back when I’m at 5 to get his iPad, clearly discerning this won’t be like...

He Cries


He cries, and there’s very little you can do to help. He cries, and it makes you feel useless. You try to console him; you smile at him, you make silly faces, you do whatever comes to mind. If it helps, it’s only for a brief moment, after which he continues to cry. He turns his head to the floor. He pushes his face against his mattress, trying to dull the pain. It doesn’t help...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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