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Fascist Rivalries


All fascists are the same, even though they speak against each other and war against each other. They do so not because they are mortal enemies but because they are rivals for power. That’s all. Essentially, they are identical – though one sells a Reich, another a Zion, another yet, a military regime, and another yet, a flag that proclaims itself Islamic. They are all the same. The...

The Colors of Fascism


You have to remember, fascism is not a specific color, but an attitude, and all colors, once they seek to impose themselves, can become fascist. This is why you have red fascists, and blue fascists, and green fascists, and purple fascists, and all other kinds, and this is why people get confused sometimes…think somebody is a friend when, in fact, they turn out to be an enemy. If you are red...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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