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Blowing Up Your Hearts


There is nothing this world needs more than empathy. I want to build an empathy bomb, big enough to envelop the whole world in an explosion of empathy. If all the fed can feel the pangs of hunger that others feel, if all the unjust could feel the anguish that victims feel, and if all the liars can feel the betrayal caused by their deceit, perhaps this would be a better earth. A slightly more...

Empath, my ass


It’s a little worrying that people are now identifying themselves as ’empaths,’ and, of course, that label, once unleashed, attracts people who think of themselves as good people, people with a conscience, people who ‘feel’ for their fellow man, etc. – I mean – the connotations certainly aren’t negative… But there’s something bizarre...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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