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Bernie Sanders Is No Mike Gravel


I wish Bernie Sanders were the real deal, but he isn’t. He supports drone strikes and was okay with an illegal ‘kill list’ and backed up corrupt Clinton when he didn’t secure the DNC’s support. You want a real deal, get Mike Gravel back in the race. HE’s the ‘real deal.’  And if you don’t know who Mike Gravel is, then consider this, why have...

Joe Lieberman Is Nuts


Joe Lieberman was just on Face The Nation.He’s a complete nut.No matter what question he was asked – Lieberman managed to inject the phrase ‘Iranians are killing Americans’ into each and every sentence he uttered. He said it once, then again, then again, then again and again and again. It started with him saying that he’s just been to ‘the region’ –...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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