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Brilliant Vice


I Saw Vice yesterday. It’s an absolutely great movie. Well written, very well directed, great performances all around. It’s rare to see a movie tackle such a serious subject with such so much humor and still punch you in the gut with the gravity of the matter at hand. Christian Bale (who I still think of as an asshole every since that screaming recording) pulls off an absolutely...

The Strange Death of Malachi Ritscher…


I came across the following news item on Harpers.org – To protest the Iraq war, a man named Malachi Ritscher committed suicide in Chicago by setting himself on fire next to a 25-foot-tall sculpture called “Flame of the Millennium.” Along with a self-penned obituary, the 52-year-old Ritscher posted a farewell message on his website in which he described the “deep shame” of...

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