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Chinese Democracy Starts Now!


You’ve had too many Yesterdays, and it’s been 14 Years since you’ve heard anything good – meanwhile, Anything Goes. You’ve taken the Nighttrain straight from a Breakdown into a Coma, and you’ve been feeling Estranged from Paradise City, and all you feel like during this very un-Civil War is that you want to scream “Don’t Damn Me” – but...

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16 Years is a long, long time… As time went on, and no Gn’R material came out, I was seriously in need of a shot of whatever it was that I got out of Gn’R – so I bought and listened to just about everything Slash made or was on – and nothing, nothing – nada zilch. I mean – sure, if you’re just looking for good rock, etc. – it was that, but it...

KarmaMole The View From Here..

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