I just read a blog somewhere in which an apparently well intentioned but horrifically mal-informed American woman was (god bless her heart for stretching that far across the sea) lamenting the continued existence of Farfur – described as a Mickey Mouse-Alike that urges resistance to the United States and to Zionism. She claims that the Chairman of the TV station is depriving the children viewers of their childhoods for his own nefarious purposes. She uses words such as slandering and inciting…


So it’s the chairman robbing the children of their childhood.

Not the IDF shooting them with so-called rubber bullets that are nothing but rubber-coated bullets. Not the Israeli roadblocks that prevent them from getting to school, or in fact, getting to hospital. Not the devastated economy they live under due to the Zionist state withholding their money from them. Not the murder of their siblings and the abduction of their fathers by the IDF. Not the water and electricity shortages they suffer daily due to Israeli pressure. Not the frequent massacres at places such as Jenin. Not the Zionist invaders who have stolen their land. Not the media that has portrayed them as terrorists. Not the American politicians who submit to AIPAC and  supply Israel with the latest in military hardware with which to bombard them back to the stone age. Not the constant portrayal of them as ignorant terrorists by most of the American film industry.

Not the fact that she is so self-absorbed as to actually think they’re better off watching the cartoon channel than learning about the enemy that lurks across their streets; Zionist settler teenagers with a machine gun in their hands, murder on their minds, and political immunity in the land they stole.


Look up Charles Black. Read.

Travel. See.