Open Letter to Dr. Essam Sharaf

Dear Dr. Essam,

Allow me to congratulate you first on becoming our new Prime Minister. I’m sure you already know just how much we all expect from you, and I hope our expectations have not placed too heavy a burden on your shoulders.

I’m equally sure you know that the growing consensus now is that we need to move to a presidential council and we need to start drafting a whole new constitution based on the values of our revolution. I understand that these issues might not be directly under your authority, but we’re all hoping you are pushing for them to secure Egypt’s future.

The reason I write this email, though – is because of the unreasonable brutality the army has recently deployed towards what we KNOW are peaceful protesters. The Cairo Museum has been made into a torture chambers, and the blood being spilled on its floors is the blood of peaceful demonstrators. The same peaceful demonstrators who were the foot soldiers of the Jan25 Revolution. It makes no sense that the Supreme Military Council salutes the martyrs of our revolution and then takes it upon itself to torture the ones still alive – and doing so in the Cairo Museum – a place that should symbolize Egypt’s culture – makes it all the more shameful and grotesque.

I IMPLORE you – I BEG of you that you take this matter into urgent consideration. That you make sure all innocent protesters are released immediately – that you lift this dark violent cloud from the Cairo Museum, and that you make it VERY clear that peaceful protesters are NOT the ones you intended to intimidate with the new ‘thug’ and ‘baltageya’ laws just brought forth.

I’m sure you have some idea of what’s been going on in the museum, and if you don’t – I’d be glad to connect you with people who have been there, and whose testimonies and videos can be found on facebook and through twitter. They are friends of close friends, and I know that what they’re saying is true.

Please don’t let the heroes of this revolution be tortured by the army that has promised to be the caretaker and protector of this revolution – or else – I worry that things will get out of control. I fear a day when the Egyptian population realizes that they have only won the first of their battle, and I know that a conflict with the army (born of distrust and torture) would lead this country down a very dark corridor.

Thank you,

Omar Kamel


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    Ali Abdelfattah

    عزيزى د. عصام
    كما أرسلت لك من قبل رسالة تهنئه عند قبولك رئاسة مجلس الوزراء أرسل إليك اليوم تعازينا في مصرنا الغاليه و شعبنا المصتضعف و ما نحن وصلنا إليه تحت الحكم العسكرى أو الانتقالى المزعوم. يؤسفنى أن أقول لك إنك خزلتنى مرتين: الأولى فى السعوديه و كنا فى شركه واحدة و قسم واحد و لم تأخذ قرارات حاسمه لوقف الإداره الفاشله فى جدة. و المرة الثانيه و هى الأهم مصرنا الغاليه التى تحطم شبابها و سرقت ثورتهم و تبددت آمالهم. أين الحكومه ـ أين الأمان ـ أين القانون ـ أين أنت و ماذا تفعل.
    السفاحون و البلطجيه ضربو إبن أختى بالرصاص الحى على طريق الاسكندريه الصحراوى ـ الان فى جسمه رصاصتين و بين الحياه و الموت و لم يتحرك ساكن فى الداخليه. إذا فشلتم فى حماية الشعب إذًا فعلينا بحماية أنفسنا و بقدر المستطاع. إذا لذم الامر سوف أحمل سلاحى و أحمى أهلى و جيرانى.
    على الصعيد الأخر و مع إحترامى الشديد للوزراء الموقرين فى مجلسكم و كل يوم نسمع عن قانون جديد و غالباً ما هى إلا أفكار غير مدروسه و بل تخطيطا ثم يعاد النظر فيها و سرعان ما تلغى لعدم واقعيتها ـ و كذلك نسمع عن خطط مستقبليه و خمسيه ـ إنتم نسيتم أنكم حكومه إنتقاليه و المفروض أنكم حكومة مؤقته. ولاكن لا دليل و لا دلاله على حسن النيه.
    سمعتك فى بداية الأمر أنك ستفعل الصالح لمصر و لأهلها و إن لم تسطع فالتترك الرئاسه و أنت أقسمت على ذلك. إين العهد.
    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ: يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَوْفُوا بِالْعُقُودِ

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