Sisi basically told people that Egypt ‘cannot afford healthcare’. So basically, if you get sick, just die quietly anddon’t complain about it. In this incredible Shades-of-Morsi speech, he asked (in that supposedly calming tone of his..but which seems more sinister and patronizing by the day) “How many of you have considered walking to university so that you can save for Egypt?” How idiotic is that? First of all, anybody who’s close enough to walk to his university DOES, because traffic SUCKS, and anybody else is too damn far to travel, and also – how exactly does ‘walking to university’ help the economy? By NOT spending money? By not giving money to cab drivers or the transport buses? He’s either incredibly naive or massively disingenuous. He tells the youth not to expect healthcare, not to expect to be able to afford to get married or have children, not to expect to get paid well, he literally said that it’s okay for one or two generations to be oppressed / treated unjustly – all of which would be slightly tolerable if it was being spoken by a Omar Ibn El Khatab, wearing torn rags and sleeping under a tree in public, but which is completely unacceptable from a married military man who’s driven to work, if not flown, and whose salary (even discounting corruption) is massive compared to that of of the rest of the population. It might even have been acceptable if he said “We don’t have healthcare now, but we’ll work towards achieving it, maybe we’ll start with the sick, the elderly, the infants, etc – and work our way to universal healthcare” – but that’s not what he said – he basically adopted the age-old mindset of his 60 year regime which is this; You the PEOPLE are a BURDEN we bear, not a resource. Stop asking us for so much. We can barely afford to feed you. Shut up. Work. It was both pitiful, and horrifying. And that’s not just me saying so, watch the video of the speech, look at how the students in the hall reacted. They were dumbstruck, they couldn’t believe what he was saying. When he asked them to react to something, he had to ask twice, and then barely a few reacted to support him. When he finished, the clapping was very limited, many didn’t clap at all, and you could see some do the ‘one-quick-obligatory’ clap before resting their arms and wondering what the hell they had just heard.

Here it is – sorry, but I can’t find a version with subtitles –