On Simple Human Decency…

A good read found on Harpers.org.

“Because I am loath to violate whatever fresh new mores the people have agreed upon, or have been told they agree upon, and because I do not care to have my ass kicked repeatedly in a holding cell while I beg to see a lawyer, I almost hesitate to ask the following question. I will ask it, though, out of what used to be called simple human decency:

Am I allowed to write that I would like to hunt down George W. Bush, the president of the United States, and kill him with my bare hands?”

You can read the whole thing here.


It gets better.

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    I love Lapham but he’s too gentlemanly for a “W” controlled America. Metcalf comes out like a wildcat in this first Notebook piece. Lord knows we need a wildcat. Viva Metcalf!

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