I spoke to a girl online.

She says she’s Israeli. She’s 17. Turns out she went there 11 years ago, from Kazahstan. I ask her what’s she’s doing there, in a strange land, helping fund the killing of a native population. She says it’s her land. She believes, or insists that the Jews are a *race*, that this is their land. That this is her land. I ask her if she doesn’t find it an over-riding coincidence that they speak a language unshared by any of their neighbors, that she does not speak Arabic, that she has come from elsewhere and is killing here.

It’s on TV, too.

Family coming from Eastern Europe, looking for a better life. Willing to become ‘settlers’ – essentially deciding that they’ll seek a better-life on the front lines of a war.

It’s insane.

This is not what we’re here for, this cannot be what we are here for.

Think back.