This is a translation of the post by Mohammed Saeed in which he recounts what happened to him after he was arrested by the police on January 8th, 2014 in Talaat Harb street in downtown Cairo during a protest calling for the release of detainees – his testimony can be found here on Facebook – this is my translation, and any errors are mine.


“I’m going to say my testimony, to the best of my recollection, of what happened to us, and I’m not scared, and prison is never going to break our vision, and it won’t scare us.

I’m Mohamed Saeed – I was arrested in the events at Talaat Harb – What happened is, they took us to the police station, into a room, like an office. And they told us (verbatim) “Take off your clothes you sons of bitches, all of them.”

We all took our tops off, after getting beaten, and then they told each of us to hold up his under shirts, they used them to blindfold us, made them tight around our eyes and noses, and my nose was bruised because it was so tight. I spoke and they beat me. We were all blindfolded and our arms held behind our backs with handcuffs. The cuffs got tighter the more we pulled at them, it hurt our wrists, and blocked blood to our veins.

Then they took us and threw us in a dog like dogs, and we had no idea where we were being taken. They took us to the Abdeen Police Station, and threw us in a room, they beat us and insulted us, and then it was the Amn El Dawla’s (State Security’s) turn…

I’m going to speak for myself, and this happened to most of the guys with me as well. I was inside, with the officer in front of me, and two ‘investigators’ behind me…both of whom he referred to as ‘Farag’.

The dialogue:

Officer: Hi dear, so you’re the leader of a gang, and all this crap?
Me: …
Officer: Tell me, Mohamed, why did you go to Talaat Harb?
Me: I was going because…

He slapped me and beat me on the head.

Officer: Why did you go? Tell me. Don’t be scared.
Me: If I speak you’ll beat me.

He beat me on the head, and slapped me.

Any time I uttered a word, he beat me – even if it was him asking me to talk – anyway, he said “Give me your account info, motherfucker.”

Me: I don’t have an account.
Officer: FARAG!

Farag beat me, sexually molested me, held my penis, and squeezed my testicles.

Me: I don’t have an account.
Officer: Farag, take of his pants. I hadn’t told my friends this story before, because I didn’t know how it would effect them, and god knows what they went through.

After Farag took off my pants, I was totally naked down there. He took two wires and touched them together, they were clearly electrified. When I heard the sparks – I told him my username and password. He saw the statuses that I’d been posting. Suddenly, they electrocuted my testicles, my chest, and my penis. I was about to lose consciousness, and they kept me up by slapping me and beating me.

This whole process was repeated around five times with state security. They wouldn’t even let me say anything, they had me there to torture me, not to interrogate me. After state security was done with us they took us to the Darb El Ahmar Police Station, again blindfolded and cuffed from behind. We spent two days on the concrete, wearing only our t-shirts, no food, no water. When we wanted to go to the toilet, they’d take us, grab us by the penis, and say go ahead. I didn’t, of course, but told him I was done.

We spent two nights like this until finally a lieutenant with some heart let us go to the toilet, and got us some foul and ta’meya – in all cases, it was food – thank god.

Afterwards, we were treated better when the human rights people and the lawyers found out where we were being held and came.

This is my testimony, and this is what happened to me.

I just want to say something; if you’re against us, and all that, and you find out what happened to us, please have some mercy in your heart, and don’t say ‘What the hell were they doing in Talaat Harb?” and “They deserve what they god.” and all this kind of talk, because if you do – tomorrow this could happen to your children, or to you yourself, or to your father or mother.

Thank you, and please share this post so that everybody can know.