Media Warp 10

I just had a flip through a few channels, and I committed upon myself the misfortune of choosing to watch some BBC. They had a short art documentary on, about Zionist artists, whom they spoke of as belonging to something called an ‘Israel’.

In any case, and more to the point…

First, they showcased a photographer who got off on photographing ‘homo-erotic’ half nude IDF soldiers in explicitly playful and non-combative situations. Then they interviewed a painter who said something to the effect that the WALL was useless, and another, who while speculating on the meaning of a painting depicting two men in an airplane said (my italics) “maybe they are two Jews going back to Europe.” They also talked to an artist who had moved to New York, and who, in a rather thick, quite un-newyorkian accent, claimed that she had been in NY so long it was now a part of her.


Finally, towards the end, I hear them described as ‘indigenous artists’ – a violence to both logic and history, and an insult to the dead and living of any truly indigenous peoples.

And then – finally –

This thing the BBC keeps referring to as an ‘Israel’ – is described as “the”... and I do quote, “the cultural hub of the Middle East”.

That will most certainly be news to hundreds of millions of Middle Easterners.

Think about that for a while.

Consider how the BBC could possibly say such a thing and claim any journalistic standards of objectivity whatsoever. Either they know the truth and they are consciously lying, hence aggressing

or, and this is the much more sinister possibility – that in the dim-witted world of the BBC only culture exported from Europe is seen as culture. That in the world of BBC, culture must be presented in English for it to even exist.

And you wonder, as you offend, abuse and pile on both injury and insult, why the widows and the orphans do not yet worship the very ground beneath your feet…

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    If israel is the cultural hub of the middle then the church of scientology must be the spiritual hub of Rome.
    Funny the BBC should interview israeli artists in the US. It reminds me of the infamous israeli art student controversy (see “The Israeli ‘art student’ mystery” at salon, , or the “Israeli Art Student Files” at ; heck even wikipedia has an entry on it here ).

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    Oops the israeli art students article at wikipedia is no more. But luckily we can still read it at google, which is where i found it in the first place:;=en&ct;=clnk&cd;=2&client;=firefox-a

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