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Kill Oprah, Will Ya’?


Demonic enough as Oprah usually is – I wasn’t quite prepared for what my TV set threw at me right now as I switched to MBC 4…

It’s the OPRAH SHOPPING CHANNEL disguised as…apparently – the super Xmas special of what they’re referring to as “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

It’s just marketing. Absolute pure marketing – with the added eerieness of an audience, mostly women, who ah, ooh, clap, and scream with every new product reveal. It’s absolutely disgusting, stomach-turning.

I watch – and…well…

She starts by peddling $55 creams, then moves on to a $195 face massager that she suggests is a ‘wonderful gift’ – then she moves into a book by some author. She comments that it’s not her usual type of reading material, ‘but hey,’ she says, ‘I’m expanding my horizons.’


All the time, the women ah, oooh, and scream. Now they jump as well – she is showing them ‘the most expensive favorite thing’ – and it’s a fridge with a tv set and a computer built-in. A monster of clutter for your kitchen – yours for only $3,800 and NOT ONLY THAT – but the manufacturer ‘has agreed’ to take away yr old fridge in the process – making it THAT much EASIER to BUY IT.

And it goes on and on, and on…

The freaky thing is that the audience at the show doesn’t seem to realize just how they are being exploited. Their enthusiasm for being in the Presence of The Oprah, along with their excitement about receiving some of these gifts on the show along with their obvious glee at each ‘reveal’ – all compound to make it seem to the viewer that both Oprah AND her audience are THAT excited about each and every single product being shown. I mean – look at ’em! They’re screaming, bouncing, clapping, crying – it’s a SALE, baby! She’s like those tv shopping channels preying on gullible housewives on morning tv.



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KarmaMole is a nickname for Omar Kamel. He is a writer, musician, photographer, director, and producer. He makes things out of words and sounds and images. He spent three years of his life in a futile fight for a better future in Tahrir Square and has more opinions than any mortal man should be allowed. Some of them are on this blog.

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KarmaMole The View From Here..

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