July 26th, 2013: Let’s Go Crazy

I’ve been trying to talk sanity for the last few days. People don’t want to hear it. You’re either pro-military or pro-terrorism, you’re either an ikhwan or a lover of Egypt (and when they say Egypt they mean the military, and when they mean the military they forget all the betrayals) – we open the doors of one cage, and they run scurrying to the next cage. I haven’t turned on the TV today, and I slept most of it away, I don’t want to see the pictures. I don’t want to see the numbers of people who came out today, don’t want to understand just how many people are willing to see a Maspero all over again, but this time, with popular cheering and applause. I know that there ARE terrorists out there, I am not afraid of the word, and I define it simply as those who would threaten or murder civilians for political gain. It’s not a complex equation for me. But I also understand that the lying heads of the MB, those who KNOW they’re lying, will be the first to make deals, the first to escape, the ones upon whom the least harm will fall. It is the ignorant and ill-educated faithful, the believers who will be brave, who will try to stand up to the tanks, as we once did, and they will be murdered, butchered for it. And it is our fault that they have fallen into the MB’s web of lies, because it is us that have allowed them to grow uneducated and illiterate, it is the Mubarak regime which we tolerated for 30 years (and Sadat before him, and Nasser before him) that has allowed them to become cannon-fodder for the forces of so-called political so-called Islam. First, we abandoned them to ignorance, and now we will murder them for it. I asked a simple question earlier, and I have yet to see it answered – if more people showed up at Rabaa today than at Tahrir, would the military then support terrorism rather than fight it? People say I’m asking nonsense hypotheticals – they don’t understand that the question is illustrative. Their logical circuits are off. The opposite of a fascist is just another fascist, and my stomach has been upset since El-Sissi spoke. I’m nauseous, and this will not end soon, and I’m willing to wager that in a few days, those of you who are not feeling nauseous yet, will – once you understand what it is you have given the military the power to do today.

Anyway, I wish for the best, although at this point, I fully expect the worst.

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    It was NOT the Americans’ responsibility to see social justice done in Egypt during Mubarak’s time. It was the responsibility of Egyptians – particularly the liberal, priveliged ones – like your family and mine.

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      Sorry, the word AMERICAN isn’t ANYWHERE in that post. What are you talking about?

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        I’m sorry. When I first rad it I thought you said ‘THE U.S. who tolerated Mubarak…’ My mistake.

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    ana 3arabi

    The words ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Terrorist’ in Egypt’s case should not be used, as they are meant to scare people.

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      I’ve defined my usage of the term very clearly. The fact that the word scares some people really isn’t my problem. I’m scared by the words ‘genocide’, ‘murder’, and ‘rape’, but I don’t think they shouldn’t be used when applicable.

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    الله المستعان

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    Too bad many Egyptians were misled by activists with no vision to support a reactionary coup..there are plenty of historical cases against such a course.But I guess Egypt wants to learn the hard way..it would have been better to let Morsi’s incompetence be clear to all and then let the upcoming parlmt elections weaken his power until he also loses the presidency…now all there is..a coup, a president held against his will, fabricated charges, his dead supporters, and more importantly lots of sympathy in any upcoming elections..unless the MB is banned, wat’s happening now will favor them in the future

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