But I keep the news on, and while I’m working on stuff, I listen.

A couple of days ago, white house lawyers declared, stated, and just plain SAID – that my favorite Bush of them all can go to war without the approval of congress, or rather – without the re-approval of congress, since The Bush obviously thinks the approval his father got the first time around is still in effect.

This is like a friend telling you they ‘might’ not be able to make it tonight when he calls sometime during the day. It’s a pre-emptive public-opinion strike. A strike that can only indicate that The Bush and His Crew do not think congress is very hot about attacking Iraq.

For a start, even the usually wussy-pussy Arab Leaders (they who, naturally, serve nothing save my interests…) don’t think it’s a good idea. In fact, they don’t like the whole notion at all. They know what it means; more beer-swiging, machine-gun rattling, half-assed rapist marines running around on their soil. More US military bases. A McDonalds drive in through the Kaaba. The mind boggles.

The rest of the world community isn’t so hot about The Bush either. Even Tony ‘Sycophant’ Blair can’t get the UK to back up the whole notion. And the European Community thinks it’s plain stupid, and if anything, will only provoke more ‘terror’ (read – desperate people fighting back against a global tyranny of Western (read American) self-righteous, oil-seeking, land-stripping ‘democracy’.

We can all smell a corpse.

And it’s not the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children – Iraq, for better or worse, still lives. Still has friends.

The US – or at least the US going to war, the US of The Bush, has lost it’s mind.

You can see the sign. Nurse Bush rushing to protect the Steel industry – to the confused cheers of America At Large. The desperate panic driven losses of civil rights, civil liberties.

Rumsfeld today – on TV. Announcing that the US will (how? magically?) find allies if (should I call you on this, Mr. Rumsfeld – should I change it to ‘when’ ?) it chooses to attack, destroy, maim, terrorize, rape, etc…the fairly already fucked up Iraq.

Unanimity of international opinion, he said, was not a pre-requisite to bombing the living shit out of Iraqi civilians.

Of course, he’s right. They will find, if not many, at least ONE ally.

We all know who it is.

Can Mr. Sharon please come to the reception desk? Mr. Sharon?

Points made. This sickens me.

I go.

But I leave you with this.