The biggest problems we have in Egypt are healthcare and education, anybody who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

My parents had a car accident on the agricultural road (near Tookh) in 1998. Even though the nearest hospital was only 2 kms away, it took 4 hours for an ambulance to show up and get them to it.

The first moments are the most vital when handling injuries. The slow response time resulted in my fathers immediate death, and my mother slipped into an irreversible coma.

When I got to the hospital and saw my mother, she had been placed in a hotel room that reminded me more of a jail cell; it was filthy and lacked all necessary equipment.

This is the norm in Egypt, especially if you’re outside Cairo, and especially for the millions who cannot afford private hospitals – for most Egyptians, being admitted to a public hospital is, effectively, a death sentence.