Alright, right off the bat, let me say this; I do not, for a moment, believe that religion is what is being fought over. At best, misguided morality is at the steering wheel, and at worst, an economic lust and cultural hubris. However, it’s all over the media…Islam, Christianity, Judaism. It’s all over the place.

You want to talk religion? Fine, then let’s talk religion.

What do I see? The Judaeo-Christian world ‘evaluating‘ Islam on TV. The power players muttering to their people, under their breath, that all religions are one.

And then – what do I hear?

“You see, the people who are willing to send young boys to their death in the name of Allah, are now hiding out in caves.” Says Mr. Bush. The man whose government had no qualms about sending its’ own young boys to die in Vietnam – in a ‘Police Action’ – half-way around the damn planet, not so long ago.

“In the name of Allah…” he says, in direct, and surprisingly loud-spoken contradiction of his assurances, to his people, earlier…that Islam was good, and that Moslems are good, and that the people who do this are misguided schmucks, not Moslems.

Let’s talk religion.

Has every Christian on Planet Earth forgotten who killed Jesus? The Romans didn’t choose to kill him, go ahead – forget the media-televised episodes, and check your Bible, folks. Pilate washed his hands of the affair folks, he left it up to them. Who killed Jesus? Who called him a fake? Who didn’t believe he was the Messiah? Who decided his death? Read your Bibles, folks.

What do I see now? I see a man on TV, some televangelist, and what does he say? He talks, and talks, as they do. Collecting the money. Collecting the loot. He repeats a phrase..”Our brothers in Israel.” He says.

“Our Brothers…”

They who denied Jesus, they who effectively called Mary a bitch, they who chose to have him murdered.

Read your goddamned Bibles.

There’s only one other religion that accepts Jesus as a Messiah, only one that is innocent of his blood.

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