KarmaMole The View From Here..

Gabriel: Hide & Seek


Gabriel: Dadda!! Let’s play Hide n’ Seek!

Me (exhausted): How about we play Hide n’ Forget..?

Gabriel: What’s that?

Me: You hide, and I forget about it.

Gabriel: Is that a real game, or did you just make it up?

Me: It’s a real game because I just made it up!

Gabriel: Okay!

He runs off while I start counting to 20. He comes back when I’m at 5 to get his iPad, clearly discerning this won’t be like regular Hide n’ Seek.

10 minutes later, he comes back into the room…

Gabriel: This game is boring.

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KarmaMole is a nickname for Omar Kamel. He is a writer, musician, photographer, director, and producer. He makes things out of words and sounds and images. He spent three years of his life in a futile fight for a better future in Tahrir Square and has more opinions than any mortal man should be allowed. Some of them are on this blog.

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By KarmaMole
KarmaMole The View From Here..

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