Mr. George Bush keeps making statements that prove that he has little grasp of the Middle East situation, and even less grasp of both language and reason. He errantly calls the latest suicide bomber – a ‘cold blooded murderer’, a ‘killer’.

First – a man who chooses to take his own life – is not, by any means, ‘cold blooded’. This man is so impassioned that he is willing to sacrifice his own life. Read that again. These are men, sometimes women, who are willing to sacrifice their own lives. Make no mistake – there is nothing ‘cold blooded’ about these bombings. Nothing.

As for killer? Before his willingness to kill, there is a willingness to die, a willingness to risk capture and torture at the hands of the Israeli occupying forces. A killer? Yes, he is a killer, certainly – but he is also a man who realizes that the first person to die when the bomb is blown will be none other than himself.

I am not lending myself to drama. Mr. Bush offends me.

I am offended to hear accusations of ‘cold bloodedness and callousness’ from a man standing behind a podium. A man who has the sheer arrogance and blindness to call the suicide bomber – a species of men so impassioned in their desperation as to actually blow themselves up in a desperate bid to help their people – ‘cold blooded killers’.


I am not proposing the suicide bomber as hero. What I am proposing is that Bush is a moron, an imbecile. Worse – he is purposely idiotic. A warmonger. A man willfully blinded by his ambitions and his allegiances.

Bush is a button pushing, oval office-sitting maniac – who sends his people’s children to die and kill in far away places, heedless of the danger because it is not himself that is on that front line.

Bush is a cowardly mass murderer – the sheer epitome of cold bloodedness and callousness.

Mr. Bush – you’re a cold-faced liar.