There was nothing ‘progressive’ about Nasser and his officer’s. The only progressive one in the bunch was Mohamed Naguib, whose prestige they used to legitimize the coup – because at the time Nasser was pretty much a nobody, and then when Naguib wanted to hand over the country to civilian rule, they took him down, locked him up, and he was pretty much never heard of again till he died.

As for the set-backs suffered by Egypt’s history of being colonized, all I can say is – look at other countries that were also colonized – most of them have recovered far more than Egypt ever has, because – surprise, Egypt is still under occupation – but this time by a military that just happens to be Egyptian, but might as well be a different state altogether, both in terms of finance and in terms of loyalty. Hell, look at Japan, two nuclear bombs, a constitution written under threat of the USA, and now, well, let’s just not try to blame the state of things in Egypt on anything other than the rulers who have ruled it for more than 60 years.

As for the constitution, well – I don’t know if you’ve taken a look at it or not – but saying that it prevents military rule either means you haven’t read it at all or that you’ve somehow missed out all the bits about the National Defense Council, composed mostly of the military, and which, when you come down to it, holds all the keys. This has been further enshrined/legislated by Adly Mansour’s last 4 decrees, made while the country was busy laughing at Kofta jokes, and which reduce the Presidency’s power even more, and which hand over all power to the military and to the security apparatus.

The military controls the budget, the military decides when to go to war, the military can try civilians whenever it damn well pleases, and yet, the civilian judiciary cannot touch the military. Anybody who interprets all that as ‘preventing military rule’ has either misread the constitution or is misinterpreting it very, very generously.

Also, I’m sorry – but frankly, it’s absolutely absurd to say that a president coming from the army is not military rule. This is not a man who *served* in the military (like millions of Egyptians) – this is THE CURRENT Minister of Defense. This is the man who ousted Morsi, this is the man who now leads the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces – by what logic, and on what planet – does that not constitute military rule? Putting on a civilian suit doesn’t make him a civilian any more than my putting on a bra would make me female.

Spare me.