Special Statement

The confiscation of Egyptian’s rights to a free presidential election.

The signatories to this statement condemn all security and managerial actions taken by the current regime to prevent any honest rivalry to it in the forthcoming elections, the last of which was the assault on Former Chief Corruption Auditor Hisham Geneina.

The obstacles to the elections had begun early, with an environment of security fears and media and governmental bias – and then with a tight schedule and timeline that provides no real opportunity for rivals to present themselves.

We have also seen the attempt to clear the arena of all candidates. We have seen the ludicrous framing of lawyer and human rights activist Khaled Ali and the detention of his campaigners under laws designed for terrorism, and finally, the manipulation of his signature-gathering process all of which led him to withdraw.

Colonel Qonsowa, a military man, was imprisoned, having declared publicly his desire to run for the seat after having his resignation from the military rejected for years.

We have also seen the pressure exerted on Ahmed Shafiq during his exile in the UAE, and then being forcibly deported.

The withdrawal of previous parliamentarian Mohamed El Sadat who cited security concerns.

This all came to a head with the detention of Former Military Chief of Staff Sami Anan, not to mention the nuances of the release of a statement by the High Command of the Military Forces and the removal of his name from the voter registry by the National Electoral Committee without any investigation or sentence, despite the fact that both he and Field Marshal Tantawi, and various other retired military men had voted – all of which points to a clear bias within the state institutions and its assets. Anan campaign members are still being harassed and some remain detained or are sought after.

We also see what the regime and its accomplices are doing. Trying to find a ‘bit part’ candidate to play a rival in a farce that insults the values of our ancient republic of Egypt. It is from here that we value the choice made by the high committee of the Wafd party that refused to be involved in this mess.

The signatories to this statement call for the following:

  • We call to suspend the elections because they have lost any semblance of legitimacy.
  • We call to suspend the National Electoral Committee and disbanding it because it covered up state security violations.
  • We call on our great people to boycott these elections entirely, and to not validate any of its results. Not only to purify the notion of electoral competition but in concern over these policies that pave the way for constitutional changes that extend presidential terms and the annihilation of all opportunities for peaceful regime change and the extension of policies which in the last few years have caused the surrender of Egyptian soil and the impoverishment of the people and the destruction of all facades of democracy and the security-driven management of state institutions.
  • We call on all active opposition forces to form a collective to study the steps and choices ahead of us and to recall our social partnerships.


Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh                       Former Presidential Candidate

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat                            Former Presidential Candidate

Hazem Hosny                                                     Deputy of Former Presidential Candidate Sami Anan

Hisham Geneina                                               Deputy of Former Presidential Candidate Sami Anan

Essam Heggi                                                       Former Presidential Advisor