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Death on Wheels


Fuck cars. 

Cars are a failed concept, to be honest. We’ll outgrow them soon enough. We shouldn’t be putting fleshy creatures in metal boxes running around at high speeds and then act surprised at the death tolls.

But you say…if people didn’t drive like idiots, it would be all fine!

Right. IF people acted rationally, we’d have fewer problems?

What’s next? Wishing pigs would fly? We’re supposed to consider people’s natures when designing things. You design for the animal/user, not the other way around. They’re Death Machines because expecting people to be sane is ridiculous.

Just unrealistic.

Flesh has no business being in high-speed metal boxes.

Whether people are legitimately insane or driven by complex variables that others cannot understand – the result is the same; they’re (from anybody else’s point of view) – irrational actors.

Which again disqualified them from driving said metal boxes in the presence of other fleshy creatures. In fact, given that context – the only sane drivers are race drivers, and formula one drivers, etc. – people whose context for driving is that it IS a sport, and a dangerous one at that, and should be done in closed places where only nuts can participate – to their own risk.

The human need to survive is only at the forefront if people stay conscious of the possibility that they’ll die. It’s not at all what people are thinking about when driving. More often than not, they’re thinking completely irrelevant thoughts, like “I need to buy more shaving gel,” or “I wanna make a casserole tonight, but which ingredients am I missing?”…

None of which will save their lives if the metal comes crashing.

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KarmaMole is a nickname for Omar Kamel. He is a writer, musician, photographer, director, and producer. He makes things out of words and sounds and images. He spent three years of his life in a futile fight for a better future in Tahrir Square and has more opinions than any mortal man should be allowed. Some of them are on this blog.

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By KarmaMole
KarmaMole The View From Here..

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