Dean Kamen is Superman…Segway is HyperCool.

I’ve been reading about Dean Kamen’s Amazingly Super Duper Incredibly Cool Self-Balancing, Human Transporting, Soteriologically Safe, Squeeky Clean, Power Saving, Gorgeously Gyroscopic, & Just Plain Fantastic Segway transporter.

If that sounds inflated, you’re not alone. A year before it’s release – a year before anybody had seen a working model, people said the invention was over-hyped, that the man had created a glorified scooter.

Do not rush to dismiss it as such.

This thing, the Segway is not a scooter. This is a pretty amazingly complex piece of software/hardware designed to compliment the human being. Desiged to give people quicker, cheaper, and much cleaner mobility alternatives.

If this thing actually gets off the ground, think of what it can achieve; more space in cities as cars become unneccesary and more scarce helping maintain, in turn, cleaner air, resulting in better health. Less energy consumption, safer, read non-lethal, clearer, traffic. A devaluation of oil, less of a motive to kill.

Please, read the documentation on the Segway. From what I’ve been reading, hell, what I’ve been seeing, visualizing, based on what I’ve read – this thing could actually help.

Read. Read & See.

Links : .

A Segway’s Anatomy – Must See!
Reinventing The Wheel – Read!
New York Times Article – [ Need To Register To Read ]
Yahoo News Article – Read!
Beta News Article/Forum – Read/Reply

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