Content Vs. Headlines: Round 17

Telegraph | News | Israeli is lynched after killing four on bus

Well, it sure as hell tells us an ‘Israeli’ got lynched.

For killing 4? 4 What?

It’s not like he killed 4 rodents. But what does the headline hit us with? “Israeli lynched” – which just sounds horrific – doesn’t it?

Doesn’t quite have the ring of “Israeli Terrorist Opens Fire In Palestinian Bus!” (Which, in case you haven’t been paying attention…is exactly what happened…)

I’m just amazed. I mean – on the one hand – the article does call him a terrorist, which is a small relief – all things considered. On the other hand, he’s called a Jewish Terrorist, when I would call him a Zionist Terrorist.

Oh, and the article does mention this particular gem:

“While Palestinians are forbidden to carry firearms in Israel, Jewish Israelis are allowed to bear arms.”

So there you have it – the Telegraph is almost, barely almost, trying to be fair within the actual article – but the headline is just misleading – it implies that the Israeli in this case was the victim, when clearly, he was the aggressor.


Act surprised.

The point is this; most people are headline skimmers – they’re not out and out assholes, they just don’t have the time. Hell, I don’t have the time. My browser opens up, and I see around a hundred headlines, and unless you’ve consciously trained yourself to decipher cryptic headlines, and unless you remember previous ones, and are thus able to draw patterns ( I saw ‘Arnold For President’ coming ages ago…) – you will get misled. Who the hell has the time to read every news item out there? None but the most dedicated, obviously. So on what do most people base their opinions? Their general world view? On the headlines they barely have the time to skim past as they wade their way through to their next credit card payment.

And what does this headline do? Well, somehow the Israeli, a 19 year old Zionist Terrorist Occupier – is now portrayed as the black man hanging off an old tree while the KKK applaud and take pictures.

Say Cheese.

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