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DC Fleecing Comic Book Fans


I’m really tired of all the various editions that get published to fleece comic book readers, and that try to make a buck off prospective ‘collectors.’ Look at this one, for example – the issue for which this claims to be a ‘Director’s Cut’ was barely released last month, and already we have a ‘director’s cut’! First of all, comics...

Your ‘Secret’ Is Bullshit


The universe does not respond to your ‘energy’ in kind, and I’m incredibly exhausted by people who claim that it does. All these ideas, whether from ‘The Secret’ or taught by self-styled second-hand gurus, are absolute shit and are absolutely dangerous notions, mostly used to make entitled people feel they ‘deserve’ their good fortunes and don’t need to feel responsible for the less...

The Talking Dead


I am sick of those who, while living in comfort, would seek to rob those who suffer of their opportunity to revolt because they believe that all hope is conspiracy. These condescending idiots are not ‘intelligent’ nor ‘jaded.’ They are simply fatalistic and cowardly. They want you to surrender to what they consider inevitable. They want to justify their own acceptance of oppression. Do not allow...

Hey America, It’s Not Trump That’s Making You Look Bad


Dear Americans,  I know a lot of you think Trump is making you look bad internationally. I understand that. The man is an oaf—a buffoon.  But America has looked bad for a while now. It started with killing almost all of the native population of North America and then celebrating the mass murderer and slave trader otherwise known as Christopher Columbus. It went on with you forcing Japan to sign...

American Responsibility


Americans generally don’t want to take responsibility for their choices, or, for that matter, for their very character as a nation.  When children don’t pay attention at school, you don’t say they lack discipline or that the teachers are boring, or that the syllabi are uninspired and uninspiring; you say that they have ADHD. Now I’m sure some might have ADHD, but to my...



It’s the height of intellectual laziness to accuse any man who has anything to say about women or gender relations of ‘mansplaining’. It’s not clever. It betrays a complete inability to actually tackle or reply to whatever arguments are being made. It is, if you haven’t noticed, a form of ad hominem attack, the cheapest rhetorical device on the planet, where rather...

Bless The Young


This keeps happening, and I want to mention it. Every once in a while, as I am wont to do, I get into a bit of an argument or a conversational clash online. Often others get involved, people commenting, whether to attack what I’m saying or more stupidly, they go for an ad hominem attack, blissfully unaware that they’ve just dismissed themselves from any serious consideration. Often...

Children Of Akhnaten


Congratulations, ye Children of Akhenaten! I know some of you like to think of yourselves as Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, for that matter, but we both know your basic operating premise is that of Akhenaten, otherwise known as the destroyer of gods and diversity. The fascism is old and runs deep. The mono-theising of religion did more than just destroy hundreds of gods; it essentially neutered...



We judge all the time, and that’s how we decide who we like, who we don’t, who we trust, and who we don’t. Who we are friendly towards, and who we’re not. This isn’t something ‘wrong’ that we do. In fact, I’ve argued before that this is a primary, if not the primary function, of our existence; to judge and to act according to our judgment and for...



It seems like an obviously bad idea to bash anybody anywhere for sympathizing with victims of a crime. Having said that, it’s also a bad idea to ignore why some people are taking offense, not to the sympathy itself, but to the selectivity on which some of this sympathy seems to be based. There are many factors involved, and it might be prudent to at least examine a few of the factors...

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